Vertiv's VR Revolutionizes Trade Show Demonstrations

Vertiv integrates VR for interactive trade show product demonstrations


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Vertiv, a major manufacturer of hardware, software, and analytics solutions for data centers and communication networks, has integrated Powertrak 3D Configurator and Virtual Reality (VR) technology into its trade show experience. This innovative approach allows conference attendees to virtually explore Vertiv's edge solutions, providing a firsthand view of how the company supports IT ecosystems from core to edge.

Traditionally, demonstrating complex, multi-room designs at trade shows posed a challenge for Vertiv. However, with VR technology, attendees can now be virtually transported to various edge solution environments, such as schools, data centers, or macro cell sites, offering an immersive and interactive experience.

The integration of Axonom's 3D Product Configurator and VR suite has enabled Vertiv to engage, educate, and inspire data center professionals. Attendees can visualize and assemble Vertiv's rack and row products, participate in the assembly of an edge infrastructure, and explore immersive virtual reality environments. This interactive learning experience has been well-received at conferences and trade shows like Dell Technologies World, American Society for Health Care Engineering, and Cisco Live.

By using VR technology, Vertiv has transformed its trade show booth into an interactive learning hub, allowing attendees to customize racks using the 3D Configurator and then explore them in virtual reality. This approach not only enhances customer engagement but also helps in educating and inspiring potential clients.

After the show, attendees are given a smartphone VR viewer device to experience their customized designs in virtual reality. This allows them to share their designs with colleagues and decision-makers, further extending the reach and impact of Vertiv's VR experience.

Overall, Vertiv's integration of 3D visualization and VR technology has not only enhanced its trade show experience but also provided a compelling sales and marketing tool. It has allowed customers to visualize and customize products in a more interactive and engaging manner, ultimately leading to a more effective and memorable trade show experience.

Rrahul Sethi
June 14, 2024
5 min read