Virtual LNG Refueling Training: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

Stark Learning uses VE Studio for immersive LNG refueling training

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Stark Learning embarked on a project to develop a virtual maintenance system aimed at certifying LNG truck drivers in the safe and independent refueling of LNG vehicles, a task governed by strict safety regulations at the German-Dutch border. Currently, only a fraction of truck drivers undergo training in this critical procedure due to its complexity and the supervision requirements mandated by safety guidelines. The goal was to create a scalable digital solution that would standardize and certify every truck driver on LNG refueling procedures, thereby promoting wider adoption of LNG-fueled transport.

To address these challenges, Stark Learning turned to VE Studio, a virtual training development platform known for its ability to create immersive training experiences across VR, desktop, and touchscreen devices. VE Studio enabled Stark Learning to leverage existing truck operation manuals to extract and integrate precise refueling procedures into the virtual training modules efficiently. This approach not only streamlined content development but also ensured compliance with safety protocols and regulatory standards.

Key to the success of VE Studio was its user-friendly workflow, which allowed non-Unity developers, such as 3D artists, to effectively contribute to the development process. Over a span of three months, Stark Learning developed a highly detailed, 1:1 model of an LNG refueling station in multiple languages—English, Dutch, and German. This virtual environment simulated realistic scenarios where trainees could practice and master the LNG refueling procedure step-by-step.

VE Studio's robust features, such as its database-driven production pipeline, support for industry-standard 3D models, and automated requirements analysis, were instrumental in expediting the development process. The platform also facilitated revision control and automated regression testing, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the training simulations.

Overall, VE Studio empowered Stark Learning to create a comprehensive virtual training solution that not only met the stringent safety requirements for LNG refueling but also reduced training costs and logistical challenges associated with traditional in-person training methods. By making LNG refueling training more accessible and standardized, Stark Learning's virtual maintenance system has the potential to incentivize transport companies to invest in LNG-powered vehicles, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability and operational efficiency in the transportation sector.

Rrahul Sethi
June 27, 2024
5 min read