Virtual Prime Tower: SPS's Decentraland Activation

Digital replica of The Prime Tower in Decentraland for networking

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Swiss Prime Site (SPS) partnered with Landvault to create a virtual replica of their Zurich office, The Prime Tower, in the metaverse platform Decentraland. This immersive experience allowed users to explore and learn about the SPS brand, incorporating gamification and rewards to enhance engagement and encourage repeat visits.

The Project

SPS commissioned the development of a digital replica of The Prime Tower, with the aim of virtually engaging key partners and stakeholders. The virtual building, situated on a 5x5 parcel in Decentraland, featured three floors, an employee lounge, branded partner offices, meeting rooms, and a rooftop event space. The office spaces within the virtual Prime Tower were customized for specific tenants, such as law firms and crypto businesses, and could be reskinned as needed. The rooftop event space was designed to host various events, including music events, presentations, and conferences, providing users with a versatile and engaging environment.

Gamification Elements

To enhance user engagement, the SPS activation included various games and quests. Upon entering The Prime Tower, users were greeted by an SPS employee NPC who introduced the main quest of fixing the SPS robot guide. To repair the robot, users had to complete quests like a jetpack game, a puzzle, and a Switzerland map game. These quests, along with other interactive elements, contributed to a total of 8 days of gameplay, showcasing the success of the gamification approach.

Reward System

SPS implemented a reward system to further incentivize engagement. Users earned tokens, SPS-branded currency used to purchase wearables in the virtual shop, experience points (XP) based on dwell time and quest completion, and cosmetic wearables through various actions such as daily log-ins and quest completion. This system contributed to a 50% user retention rate and an average dwell time of 20 minutes over three months, highlighting the effectiveness of the reward system in sustaining user engagement.

Overall, the virtual replica of The Prime Tower in Decentraland proved to be a successful and engaging platform for showcasing the SPS brand and engaging with stakeholders in an innovative way.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read