Virtual Reality Training for Engineering Students

VR app provides hands-on training for IT Carlow's engineering students

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Fourth Reality developed a virtual reality (VR) training app for IT Carlow's engineering department to create a modular VR experience for training students on their sensitive fatigue tester equipment. This innovative app allows students to engage in various VR training scenarios, providing essential hands-on experience before working with the actual fatigue tester. Given the limited availability of the real equipment, this VR training ensures that a larger number of students can gain practical experience in a shorter timeframe.

The app features multiple task-driven modules that students progress through, each designed to build their knowledge and skills. The backend logging system enables coordinators to track students' time spent and actions within the VR environment, ensuring effective monitoring and evaluation of their progress.

The VR training app includes realistic environments, detailed and accurately scaled models, and comprehensive VR interactions, all of which contribute to creating a meaningful and lasting learning experience. This immersive training approach ensures that students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, which they can then apply in real-world scenarios.

Rrahul Sethi
June 21, 2024
5 min read