Virtual Recruitment for French Armed Forces

Virtual recruitment experience in Decentraland engages youth for military careers

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The French Armed Forces Ministry has embraced the virtual realm to connect with a younger demographic, partnering with Landvault to create an immersive experience in Decentraland. This virtual training course, spanning multiple outposts, offers challenges and themes designed to engage players aged 18-35.

Landvault provided a comprehensive solution for the project, from concept to execution. The experience, built on a 4x2 parcel in Decentraland, offers ample space for engaging activities. Players can complete gamified challenges, interact with non-player characters (NPCs), and participate in quizzes.

The gamified elements include various outposts, each offering unique challenges. Players must complete these challenges to unlock exclusive wearables and progress. Upon conquering the third outpost, players unlock more than just virtual items; they gain access to a recruitment link for job opportunities within the French Armed Forces Ministry. Additionally, a leaderboard tracks participants' quiz scores and completion times, rewarding top performers with a camouflage suit wearable for their avatar.

This approach goes beyond traditional recruitment methods, aiming to educate participants about military skills and values. By engaging a younger audience through gamification, the French Armed Forces Ministry positions itself as an innovative government institution entering the virtual space. This strategy aims to change perceptions of military careers and offers an engaging path forward.

Since its launch in September, the experience has attracted over 45,000 unique sessions and redeemed over 600 wearables. Peak dwell times have exceeded 15 minutes, with some highly engaged users spending upwards of 20 minutes in the experience. These metrics demonstrate the success of the initiative in engaging a younger audience.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read