Virtual Showcase: Bell's Aircraft Interiors in VR

Bell uses VR to showcase aircraft interiors, saving logistical costs


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Key takeaways

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Bell faced logistical challenges in showcasing the interiors and configurations of their aircraft at events. To address this, S5D developed an innovative VR solution that allowed users to virtually experience different aircraft interiors tailored to specific industries.

The solution involved a user-friendly interface where users could select an aircraft type and its interior configuration from a panel. Once selected, the chosen aircraft would animate onto a rooftop in front of the user, initiating a virtual flight that showcased the unique features of the selected cabin. This also included the FCX-001, an aircraft designed in VR and launched alongside the VR application.

The VR experience proved highly beneficial for Bell's commercial sales team, as it eliminated the need to transport physical aircraft to events. Instead, they could easily transport a VR setup, providing a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Additionally, the assets created for this VR experience could be reused across other business units, making it a versatile tool for Bell.

S5D's creation of all 3D assets from scratch not only ensured a high-quality VR experience but also established a library of commercial aircraft models that Bell could reuse in future projects. This VR solution not only served as a powerful sales tool but also demonstrated the potential for VR technology to streamline processes and enhance customer engagement in the aerospace industry.

Rrahul Sethi
June 17, 2024
5 min read