Virtual Tour of Live Export Ship

Virtual tour showcases live export ship's animal welfare practices


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A virtual tour of a live export ship was developed for accessibility on the web, compatible with desktop and mobile devices. This 24/7 accessible experience serves as a valuable asset for the global industry.

The primary objective of the virtual tour is to showcase animal welfare practices on live export vessels and provide the public with insights into the care, conditions, and health of animals on board. The tour aims to improve customer perceptions regarding animal welfare and conditions on these ships, highlighting the level of care provided to animals, especially when they are unwell. Additionally, the tour offers a glimpse into the conditions for both animals and crew members aboard these vessels.

Ensuring that the virtual tour remains accessible to the public through technology is crucial. This accessibility allows for a wider audience to gain an understanding of the efforts made to ensure animal welfare during live exports. The tour's availability around the clock provides flexibility for individuals to explore the virtual ship at their convenience, promoting transparency and education about the live export industry.

Overall, the virtual tour serves as a valuable tool for the industry to showcase its commitment to animal welfare and transparency. It provides an immersive experience that educates the public about the conditions and care provided to animals on live export ships, aiming to improve perceptions and highlight the industry's efforts in ensuring animal welfare.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read