VR based Hands-On Learning for Aspiring Medical Professionals

VR app immerses students in medical procedures, enhancing career readiness

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Key takeaways

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The VR application developed for Envision offers aspiring medical professionals a transformative glimpse into the responsibilities and procedures of patient care, addressing the daunting considerations of time and financial commitment associated with a medical career.

This innovative application allows students to immerse themselves in a realistic medical environment where they collaborate to perform essential procedures such as cleaning lacerations, administering lidocaine injections, stapling skin, and applying bandages. By engaging in these simulated activities, students gain firsthand experience and insight into the complexities of medical practice, which can be difficult to grasp through traditional learning methods alone.

At Johns Hopkins University, during Envision’s National Youth Leadership Forum: Advanced Medicine & Health Care, this VR technology was integrated into educational workshops. Here, students not only interacted with the immersive scenarios but also worked together to apply theoretical knowledge in practical, simulated settings. This hands-on approach not only enhances understanding but also prepares students for the challenges and responsibilities they may encounter in future medical careers.

The use of VR in medicine represents a significant advancement in education by bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. It provides a safe and controlled environment where students can make mistakes, learn from them, and refine their skills without risk to real patients. This fosters confidence and competence among learners, encouraging them to pursue careers in medicine with a deeper understanding and readiness for the demands of patient care.

Ultimately, VR technology in medical education at Envision empowers students to explore, learn, and prepare for the profound responsibilities of healthcare professions in a dynamic and immersive manner.

Rrahul Sethi
July 2, 2024
5 min read