VR Experience 'Honey on Toast' at Royal Adelaide Show

VR 'Honey on Toast' educates and entertains at Adelaide Show


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The collaboration with the Royal Adelaide Show resulted in the development of the virtual reality (VR) experience 'Honey on Toast,' which offers a paddock-to-plate journey showcasing each step in the production chain for creating bread and honey. This VR experience was showcased at various FarmVR activations within the Golden Grains pavilion.

In partnership with Spring Gully Foods and the Royal Adelaide Show, a 360-degree video experience was created, also titled 'Honey on Toast.' This immersive video takes viewers through the process of producing bread and honey, filmed entirely at local facilities. The experience was presented at multiple activations within the Royal Adelaide Show's Golden Grains pavilion. Additionally, the Think Digital Coach visited the Royal Adelaide Show during MLA's Paddock to Plate in Virtual Reality tours.

The primary objective of these initiatives was to engage and educate visitors to the Royal Adelaide Show through immersive and informative virtual reality exhibits. By offering a unique and interactive experience, the aim was to entertain and attract visitors, enhancing their overall show experience.

Through these collaborations and innovative approaches, the Royal Adelaide Show successfully integrated virtual reality technology to create engaging and educational experiences for attendees. The inclusion of VR not only entertained but also provided valuable insights into the production processes of everyday food items, adding a new dimension to the show's offerings.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read