VR Experiences for ADNOC Exhibitions

Creating immersive VR experiences for ADNOC exhibitions to engage attendees effectively


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Key takeaways

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In the initial stages of a Virtual Reality (VR) app project, understanding the target audience is essential. This involves identifying their roles within the organization, motivations, and interests to tailor communications effectively throughout the project lifecycle. It's crucial to align the design and content with audience preferences and usage environments, ensuring the VR experiences meet their specific needs.

During consultations with ADNOC, the project identified key objectives:

1. Providing ADNOC exhibition visitors with immersive and educational VR experiences.

2. Educating about ADNOC's extensive operations and its impact on daily life in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

3. Highlighting ADNOC's role as a vital community contributor across generations.

The aim for ADIPEC 2016 was to leave attendees feeling inspired, informed, and engaged through world-class VR experiences. Myriad Global Media, known for its expertise in 3D animation, focused on showcasing ADNOC's engineering accomplishments with high realism. This approach effectively communicated complex processes like subsea drilling and carbon capture, emphasizing ADNOC's technological innovation and industry leadership.

Overall, the VR app development strategy revolves around comprehending audience expectations and designing immersive experiences that resonate with them, thereby enhancing ADNOC's exhibition presence and stakeholder engagement.

Rrahul Sethi
June 27, 2024
5 min read