VR Tour Boosts MacCarthy Apartment Sales

Virtual Lab enhances sales with advanced VR for MacCarthy apartments

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MetroNational, the owner of Memorial City in West Houston, enlisted Virtual Lab's services to create a cutting-edge Web VR Tour showcasing the MacCarthy, a distinctive collection of apartment homes within the development. The challenge presented was to initiate the sales process for these units well in advance of their completion, specifically during the construction phase of the Zaza Hotel at Memorial City. This necessitated the creation of highly detailed 360-degree renderings that accurately depicted the future apartments' spaces and decor.

Virtual Lab's approach began with extensive collaboration between Virtual Lab's 3D design team and MetroNational's construction and design experts. Over a two-week period, Virtual Lab meticulously defined all specifications, despite the evolving nature of the apartment's furnishings and decor. This collaborative effort ensured that every detail was accurately represented in the final 360-degree renders.

Using Unity, Virtual Lab's development team then translated these renders into a sophisticated web-based 360+VR tour. This allowed prospective clients to virtually explore the MacCarthy apartments in an immersive and interactive manner directly from their web browsers. The VR tour not only showcased the layout and design of each unit but also provided a realistic preview of the finished spaces, enhancing the sales process significantly.

The impact of Virtual Lab's VR solution was profound, enabling MetroNational to accelerate property sales well ahead of the building's completion. Prospective buyers were able to visualize and experience the apartments in a compelling virtual environment, leading to faster decision-making and increased confidence in their investments. Overall, Virtual Lab's collaboration with MetroNational exemplified the power of innovative technology in real estate marketing, demonstrating how advanced VR solutions can drive early sales success and streamline the buying process in dynamic mixed-use developments like Memorial City.

Rrahul Sethi
July 1, 2024
5 min read