VR Training for Machine Tool Installation

VR app trains new employees in machine tool installation procedures

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The project's objective was to develop a training application for new employees focusing on the machine tool installation process using virtual reality (VR). This VR application comprises two main parts: firstly, a tutorial teaching how to operate HTC Vive equipment and navigate VR environments, utilizing controller buttons for various activities within a virtual room. Secondly, specific tasks are presented where employees must follow company rules and requirements to correctly install and configure the machine in its designated location, ensuring it is ready for operation.

The benefits of this VR training application are manifold. It significantly saves time, costs, and physical training space, eliminating the need for external trainers to impart knowledge to new hires while maintaining rigorous training standards within the company. Employees have the flexibility to learn procedures at their convenience, repeating actions until mastery is achieved. This equips them with the necessary skills to independently install machines correctly and efficiently at client sites.

The VR controllers enable users to simulate real-world actions step-by-step, using tools such as screwdrivers, screws, keys, ladders, and outlines provided for guidance when unsure of the next steps. At the conclusion of training, both the trainee and instructor can assess whether tasks were completed in the correct sequence and adhered to established protocols.

In terms of development, the Unity engine was utilized for creating the application. The process began with meticulous planning, including detailed photos and reference videos of actual machine assembly, which were then translated into high-quality 3D models. Care was taken to ensure accuracy and scale, following design blueprints closely. Keymapping was standardized across platforms using extensions to facilitate uniform usability across various VR headsets, with a primary focus on compatibility with HTC Vive while ensuring broader applicability to other VR devices available today.

Overall, this VR training application represents a sophisticated approach to integrating technology into employee onboarding and skill development, offering a practical, immersive, and effective learning experience that bridges theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical application in a controlled virtual environment.

Rrahul Sethi
June 28, 2024
5 min read