VR Zero Ladder Safety Training by One Bonsai for Equans

VR training by One Bonsai enhances ladder safety at Equans

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One Bonsai led the development of the VR Zero Ladder Policy Training project in collaboration with industry experts, achieving completion within an impressive two-month period. This initiative aimed to enhance safety practices among technicians at Equans by utilizing Virtual Reality (VR) technology. The project's primary objective was to sensitively educate technicians on the importance of ladder safety through immersive VR experiences tailored to various tasks conducted at heights.

The VR experience, developed using insights and content provided by industry specialists, presents technicians with multiple ladder alternatives in realistic scenarios. By simulating environments such as Petrochemical, Industrial, Construction, and Office settings, technicians gain practical exposure to different safety protocols and equipment options. This approach not only educates but also empowers technicians to make informed decisions that mitigate risks in their daily work routines.

The use of VR technology enhances retention by immersing technicians in lifelike simulations of potential workplace hazards. By experiencing these scenarios firsthand, technicians improve their hazard awareness and safety knowledge. This immersive learning method ensures that safety protocols are not only learned but also deeply ingrained, enabling technicians to apply their knowledge effectively in real-world situations.

Scalability is another key benefit of the VR training solution. Over the next four years, Equans plans to deploy the VR Zero Ladder Policy Training to educate up to 8,000 employees during interactive safety sessions across Belgium. This scalable approach ensures consistent delivery of crucial safety education throughout the organization, regardless of geographical location or department.

One Bonsai's meticulous approach included creating eight distinct scenarios within the VR training, each tailored to specific workplace environments. These scenarios provide diverse challenges that resonate with technicians across different job roles within Equans. By presenting realistic scenarios and decisions in VR, technicians develop practical skills that directly contribute to safer practices on the job.

Overall, the collaboration between One Bonsai and industry experts underscores a commitment to advancing safety standards through innovative VR solutions. The project's swift execution, comprehensive approach, and scalable design highlight One Bonsai's expertise in leveraging VR technology to create impactful learning experiences that enhance workplace safety.

Rrahul Sethi
June 28, 2024
5 min read