XR Solution for ROV Testing and Design

XR streamlines ROV design and testing for TechnipFMC


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Key takeaways

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Fracture collaborated with TechnipFMC to develop a novel method for testing the design and operation of ROVs (remotely operated vehicles). The challenge was to meet TechnipFMC's internal standards while also satisfying client approval requirements.

The solution involved creating a digital representation of an ROV based on current CAD data. This digital model accurately mapped the controls of the ROV, enabling easy and realistic testing at the actual scale of the vehicle. Fracture worked closely with TechnipFMC teams in Norway and Houston, TX, to ensure the digital ROV met their specifications and could be effectively used for design and operational testing.

The success of this project is evident in the benefits it has brought to TechnipFMC. The global team can now efficiently share and analyze digital designs in real-world scenarios, leading to a significant reduction in iteration time. Additionally, client understanding has improved as they can now visualize and interact with the digital ROV, gaining a better understanding of its design and functionality.

Overall, the collaboration between Fracture and TechnipFMC has resulted in a cutting-edge solution that enhances the testing and design process for ROVs. By leveraging digital technology, TechnipFMC has streamlined their operations, reduced costs, and improved client communication and satisfaction.

Rrahul Sethi
June 20, 2024
5 min read