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Acty Glasses
Acty Glasses
Acty Glasses

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About Application:

Acty is a professional software platform that integrates remote video assistance with Augmented Reality (AR) technology, facilitating quick and immediate video support. It helps companies identify and resolve issues, assist in the installation of machines and systems, and support troubleshooting processes, all from their headquarters or home office efficiently and promptly.

The application is designed for installation on all Android versions, enabling collaboration between field technicians and office experts. It allows users to receive support at any time through a video session to visualize the problem and receive precise instructions through augmented reality annotations.

Key features include photo and video capture, freeze annotations (capturing an image and drawing on it), augmented reality annotations, meetings, public and private company chat, screen sharing (documents, web pages, etc.), automatic text and voice translation, QR code and barcode scanning, and digital zoom.

For more information on how Acty can benefit your business, please contact us at

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