AR Remote Expert

AR Remote Expert
AR Remote Expert
AR Remote Expert

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About Application:

Augmented Reality (AR) is revolutionizing various industries, including utilities, mining, manufacturing, retail, and entertainment, with its potential for significant productivity improvements. Companies are increasingly adopting AR to connect remote workers, assist in complex tasks, enhance warehousing and logistics, improve training and supervision, establish a shared understanding of business operations, and ensure safety.

The latest advancements in AR technology include features like auto call reconnect, automatic camera enablement, speech-to-text notes, local video and audio recording, video playback with a scrubber, QR code scanning, 3D spatial positioning, real-time collaboration in 3D space, expert/server-side video recording and screen capture, 3D annotations, cloud-based 3D models, and GPS call data integration. These innovations are poised to further accelerate the adoption and impact of AR across industries.

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