Augmented Support 2.0

Augmented Support 2.0
Augmented Support 2.0
Augmented Support 2.0

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About Application:

Augmented Support 2.0 enhances the efficiency of service staff and technicians through interactive features, augmented reality, and remote support from experts. This innovative solution minimizes downtimes and streamlines service processes. Its key features include live video connectivity, enabling service technicians and experts to collaborate seamlessly, and multiconference functionality that allows up to four guests or colleagues to join a support call simultaneously. The AR-Pointer feature enables precise identification of issues by pointing at transferred images, while the chat with Translation Tool facilitates text-based technical support, overcoming language barriers with automated translations. Markups can be added to screenshots for clearer instructions, and files and documents can be shared via chat. Automatic Support Reports can be generated after each call, and data security is ensured with 256 Bit-Encryption. This comprehensive tool is designed to optimize support processes and enhance the overall customer experience. Visit their website at [Essert Digital]( for more information.

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