Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser

Compatible Devices

Blade 2

About Application:

Dolphin Browser is a popular internet explorer browser for Android, known for its fast loading speed and a range of features. It boasts an HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tab bar, sidebars, incognito browsing, and flash player support. With over 150 million downloads on Android and iOS, Dolphin Browser offers a fast, smart, and personalized web browsing experience. It includes features like a Flash Player for enhanced video and gaming, an AdBlocker to block pop-ups and ads, and a multiple tabs bar for easy navigation. The browser also offers personalized search, fast download speeds, incognito browsing, and gestures for quick access to websites and features. Users can sync their history, bookmarks, and passwords across devices, and there's even a voice search feature called Sonar. Dolphin Browser also supports various add-ons for added functionality, such as a video player, screenshot app, and translator, among others.

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