Edge Realities 1.0 2D Client demo app

Edge Realities 1.0 2D Client demo app
Edge Realities 1.0 2D Client demo app
Edge Realities 1.0 2D Client demo app

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About Application:

Edge Realities is a cloud-based service that offers Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, specifically designed to work seamlessly with 5G/Mobile Edge Computing infrastructure and lightweight smart glasses like the Vuzix Blade.

This platform simplifies the deployment of AR content and tools for content providers, eliminating the need for coding skills or IT expertise. AR overlays can be easily added from any web browser.

By offloading the computing tasks to the cloud, the platform can effectively map and enhance complex, large-scale environments while maintaining high performance and preserving battery life.

The SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) software is used to determine the user's position based on a previously created 3D map, which is generated by capturing video from the smart glasses. Once the user's location is recognized, the server delivers relevant information and overlays in real-time, ensuring instant feedback.

It's important to note that this solution requires low latency, ideally below 30ms, which is achieved through the high-speed 5G network and Mobile Edge Computing. This low latency is essential for providing users with real-time information and feedback.

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