EON Dolphin Delights

EON Dolphin Delights
EON Dolphin Delights
EON Dolphin Delights

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About Application:

Thanks to EON's advanced 3D engine, desktop-quality 3D applications are now accessible on mobile devices. You can immerse yourself in a virtual aquarium filled with dolphins, interacting with them by touching and observing their responses, including swimming faster and making dolphin sounds. You can even summon up to 4 dolphins to perform special animations. The demo offers a choice of 3 environments.

EON Reality Inc., a global leader in Virtual Reality-based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, now allows its customers to publish their apps on mobile devices. The EON Mobile Dolphin Demo brings a previously exclusive experience, typically reserved for domes and other large screen virtual reality displays, to your device.

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