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Welcome to Extractory, a demo app designed for visualizing furniture in your apartment using Vuzix Blade AR glasses. While Extractory is also available as an AR app for iPhone and Android, experiencing AR through AR glasses provides a more immersive experience. By using the Blade, you can preview furniture in your space naturally, without needing to constantly hold up your phone.

Our app offers a dynamic list of chairs to showcase its capabilities for merchants. Through the Extractory backend, merchants can easily add their products for visualization.

Interacting with the app is simple, with three touchpad gestures:

- Swipe vertically with one finger to view the next item, and swipe back to see the previous one.

- Use two fingers to swipe horizontally for zooming in or out on the item.

- Tap the camera icon to take a picture, saving it to the gallery of the companion app when synchronized.

Voice commands add another level of convenience, allowing you to control the app without touching the Blade. Some of the commands include:

- "Hello Extractory" or "Hello Vuzix" for voice activation.

- "Next" to see the next item.

- "Back" to return to the previous item.

- "Zoom In" to zoom in on an item.

- "Zoom Out" to zoom out on an item.

- "Take Picture" to capture an image of the item.

We hope you enjoy this demo. For additional information or feature requests, please contact us at info@extractory.com.

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