G-EYE - Vision to Audio Guide

G-EYE - Vision to Audio Guide
G-EYE - Vision to Audio Guide
G-EYE - Vision to Audio Guide

Compatible Devices

Blade 2

About Application:

The G-EYE system is designed for individuals who are visually impaired or blind. It has two main functions: reading aloud text visible in the glasses' field of view and verbally identifying physical objects in the same field. This system is exclusive to Vuzix Blade 2 Augmented Reality glasses made by Vuzix Corporation.

The G-EYE hardware set, available on www.cognizar.eu, includes Vuzix Blade 2 glasses, a Bluetooth ring, a neck powerbank, and sun shades.

The G-EYE application, which runs on Vuzix glasses, can be controlled using four main methods. Voice commands are recommended as the primary method for blind users. If this is challenging, the Bluetooth ring from the hardware set can be used.

Individuals with mild visual impairments or normal vision can use all methods, including the touchpad and on-screen controls.

It's important to note that the app on the Vuzix App Store is for installation on existing Vuzix Blade 2 glasses and personal accessories, so it does not include the recommended Bluetooth ring found in the G-EYE set on Cognizar.eu. Thus, if you use the G-EYE app from the Vuzix App Store, the control methods do not include the Bluetooth ring.

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