Glartek Remote Assistance

Glartek Remote Assistance
Glartek Remote Assistance
Glartek Remote Assistance

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About Application:

Glartek Remote Assistance is a top-tier solution for visual remote support, facilitating team connectivity through group video calls, chat functions, and augmented reality (AR) annotations. This tool enables field workers to share their perspectives with specialists, enabling them to resolve issues efficiently and ensure tasks are completed accurately.

Key Features:

Assist: Conduct sessions with three or more participants using audio and video functionalities. Employ AR markers for easy identification of action points. Share screens, take screenshots, send files, and chat in real-time.

Review: Access session histories and view cloud recordings. Analyze reports from each remote assistance session.

Secure: Initiate assistance sessions only with authorized participants. Utilize enterprise-grade end-to-end encryption for all participants. Implement tightly controlled permissions for enhanced security.

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