Idía System

Idía System
Idía System
Idía System

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About Application:

Idía System is a versatile multiplatform system that revolutionizes the way your company accesses knowledge. By creating multimedia resources such as PDFs, questionnaires, audios, videos, and photos, and assigning them to users, you can customize a digital library for each worker or department. These resources are accessible from various devices, including tablets, smartphones, augmented reality glasses, and Bluetooth beacons, making knowledge management more efficient. With Idía System, you can also train and evaluate your employees across different fields. Generate multimedia training materials and questionnaires for self-training in the field, and easily track results with statistical figures to certify your workers' knowledge. The system offers features such as instant translation into over 30 languages, audio transcription of resources, video and audio generation from the field, in-field self-training, performance tracking through resource usage statistics, and the use of Bluetooth beacons for configuring virtual information points. Idía System also ensures that employees maintain a safe distance for Covid-19. For more information, please contact

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