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Utilize cutting-edge speech recognition and translation technology to display spoken words as subtitles in real time on your Vuzix Blade glasses. This innovation can greatly benefit the hard of hearing and deaf communities by providing instant understanding of spoken language. It also has the potential to break down language barriers by offering real-time translation.

Future plans for the app include standalone speech recognition and translation capabilities for the Subtitles app, eliminating the need for a smartphone companion app. There are also plans to incorporate face recognition and speaker identity recognition to create speech bubbles, and if a 3D version of the glasses is developed, to position these bubbles next to the speaker's head at the right distance to reduce focus changes for the user.

Additionally, there is an alternative mode that operates on predefined and/or live-edited subtitles, which could be useful for cinemas, theaters, and other venues. This mode could potentially surpass current captioning systems, offering a significant market opportunity, especially in the EU where countries are legally committed to providing resources for inclusion of people with hearing disabilities.

The translation feature could also be enhanced to use the Blade's camera. The concept involves letting the user point to text they want translated using their index finger, and then using image recognition to display the translation right in front of the user's eyes. This could be particularly useful when traveling, such as in a restaurant where you can't read the menu, as you could simply point to an item and receive a translation along with example photos.

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