TED Talks

TED Talks
TED Talks
TED Talks

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About Application:

Stay curious and broaden your horizons with TED Talks. Access over 3,000 talks by remarkable individuals, categorized by topic and mood, spanning from technology and science to the intricacies of human psychology.

Key features on Android include:

- Exploring the entire TED Talks video library with subtitles available in 100+ languages.

- Listening to episodes of the acclaimed TED Radio Hour podcast, a collaboration between NPR and TED.

- Enjoying TED's newest podcast, Sincerely, X, which delves into anonymously shared ideas.

- Syncing saved talks across all devices by logging in to your TED profile.

- Downloading videos or audio for offline viewing.

- Bookmarking talks for future reference.

- Discovering talks and curated playlists that are inspiring, funny, or simply mind-blowing.

- Receiving personalized playlists tailored to your preferred timeframe.

- Streaming on your device or casting to your home entertainment system via Chromecast or Android TV.

- Exploring the latest business talks in partnership with the Brightline Initiative.

Download the TED app today to nurture your curiosity, stay informed, and find inspiration.

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