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XMReality Remote Guidance offers the ability to remotely guide and view the experiences of others in real-time, as if you were physically present. This technology allows you to share expertise with customers, field personnel, suppliers, contractors, and others without the need to be on-site. When used with Vuzix glasses, you can share your perspective, receive instructions, and get guidance from remote experts. This approach speeds up problem resolution, reduces first-time-to-fix and time-to-repair, simplifies audits and inspections, and enhances user satisfaction. Additionally, XMReality eliminates the need to send people on-site, reducing travel costs and minimizing environmental impact.

XMReality Remote Guidance leverages real-time video, audio, and augmented reality tools like hand and object overlays, pointers, annotations, shared images, screens, and more to enhance the remote guidance experience.

This technology is device-agnostic, allowing you to connect with users regardless of the devices they use. XMReality runs on smart glasses, smartphones, tablets, and computers, supporting Vuzix, Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. It can also run in a standard web browser on any device, ensuring compatibility across different platforms.

Remote guidance calls can be one-on-one or group calls. Guides can invite participants using XMReality call links, which can be distributed via email, SMS, or third-party apps. Participants simply click the link to join the call, without needing to download an app or register.

XMReality offers powerful visual guiding tools powered by augmented reality. Features such as hands and object overlays, real-time pointers, and annotations enable guides to provide intuitive and detailed instructions. Remote operation features allow guides to zoom in and out, take remote snapshots, and activate device flashlights.

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