7-step guide to building a successful metaverse strategy.

Rrahul Sethi
March 17, 2023
5 min read
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As a metaverse solutions provider, I've been advising brands on how to understand the metaverse and discover the best way to get involved. I tell them the metaverse doesn't have to be a scary, amorphous concept.

Quick advice before we begin: Follow a process of learning, experimenting, acquiring expertise, and iterating. This will allow you to get up-to-speed and plugged into the metaverse in gradual steps that build toward a strategic, long-term presence.

Let’s begin step-by-step!

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1. Start experimenting today.

Brands must immediately begin their metaverse journey. They cannot wait, but they also cannot afford to make a mistake. That's where the learning part of the process comes in. Oftentimes the best way to learn about something is to experience it yourself. Create a secret user or establish a bogus brand to start exploring the metaverse. Before making a commitment and making a significant investment, your team will be better able to understand the metaverse. To guide your company's entry into this market, think about offering a metaverse bootcamp to your staff or putting together an internal task force.

2. Identify what your audience wants from the metaverse.

Start at the beginning. Is your audience in the metaverse? If so, in what world? What are they doing there? What are they hoping to gain from the experience?

Let me help you through this. In the metaverse, there are some general solutions that apply to most audiences. For instance, the majority of people enjoy trying new things and are searching for fantasy and pleasure. At the absolute least, your brand must meet these expectations.

Next, think about your sector. Consumers will anticipate them to appear in the metaverse earlier for businesses or brands that are more frequently involved in culture, such as those in the food, music, entertainment, and fashion industries.

3. Get internal feedback and advice from your gen Alpha & Genz employees

After you have a better understanding of where your brand fits within the larger metaverse landscape, it's time to consult the internal team itself. Organize a focus group team meeting and ask your Genz and Gen Alpha employees - what do they seek out of an immersive experience. You will have your answers.

First, expose them to the metaverse. Then - Ask what metaverse worlds they prefer and why? What do they like most about the metaverse? Where is there room for improvement? And most important, how would they like to interact with your brand in the metaverse?

Trust me, they are the resource to get firsthand insights into how people are reacting to metaverse experiences.

4. Build the expertise … or buy it.

While everyone will need to develop a basic understanding of the metaverse, brands will also need to cultivate real development expertise internally or outsource this talent.

This is where an advisor or a partner becomes important. Find a strategic partner who is already active in the metaverse. They can serve as an advisor and help you build your team, identify the role of your brand in the metaverse, weigh the pros and cons of bringing capabilities in-house, and connect you with outside resources like digital studios.

At Metaverse911, we handhold you to the process of entering the metaverse with your brand.

5. Focus on the experience.  

You're ready to start building on your own experience now that you are aware of your audience, are familiar with the context, and possess the necessary knowledge. However, keep in mind that a good reputation can be quickly destroyed.

Companies have harmed their reputation by rushing to launch metaverse projects without allocating the time and resources necessary to guarantee a flawless user experience. Make sure you create an experience that the user desires. Don’t forget to engage the user while you promote your brand.

6. The work doesn’t end here - market the metaverse experience

A well-executed metaverse experience can help increase brand awareness, especially among younger audiences who are active in the metaverse.The metaverse provides a highly interactive and immersive environment that can drive engagement and foster deeper connections between brands and their audience.

Brands can use paid advertising to reach a larger audience in the metaverse. They can collaborate with other companies in the metaverse to promote their experience.Not just that, leverage your existing Web2 platforms to engage your audience in the metaverse. A brand can simply leverage social media platforms to promote their metaverse experiences. They can create engaging content that showcases the unique features of their metaverse experience, share updates and news, and interact with their audience.

Brands can partner with influencers and content creators who have a significant following in the metaverse to promote their experience. This can help reach a wider audience and increase brand awareness.

7. Ensure your customer stays to have a good time!

Customers are likely to return to a metaverse platform if they have a unique and immersive experience. A brand can create virtual spaces that offer something different and exciting for customers to explore. Encourage customers to interact with each other, and create a sense of community around your brand. Host events, competitions, and other activities that bring customers together.

Metaverse platforms can collect a lot of data on their users, such as their preferences and behavior. Brands can use this data to personalize the experience for their customers, offering them customized recommendations and promotions.

Regularly engage with customers through social media, newsletters, and other channels. Provide updates on new developments or events, and encourage customers to share their experiences with your brand. Ensure that the customer experience is seamless, both within the metaverse and across different platforms. Offer easy access to customer support, and ensure that any technical issues are resolved quickly.

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Watch to understand the pitch that helped million-dollar clients to step into the metaverse:

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Rrahul Sethi
March 17, 2023
5 min read