Employer Branding 2.0: Boost Employee Retention & Engagement with Gamification

Rrahul Sethi
March 31, 2024
5 min read
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From the initial paperwork to the training modules, it's essential to ensure that new hires are set up for success. However, traditional onboarding methods can be tedious and time-consuming, leading to disengagement and a lack of understanding of the #companyculture...

In our recent LinkedIn LIVE, “Level Up Your HR Strategy: Boost Employee Retention with Gamified Learning”, we discussed how HR leaders can address critical talent acquisition issues.

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1. Predict & Control Employee Turnover

By infusing gamification into your onboarding process, you can better understand your employees' motivations and preferences, enabling you to predict and mitigate turnover before it becomes a problem.

Imarticus Learning Onboarding solution enables HR Leaders to create game-based onboarding modules to engage new hires. In these environments that may even be virtual replicas of your office they interact with the brand story, products and establishes instant connect with the company. The time spent by each hire on the platform is used to derive reports & analytics to predict employee behavior & analytics like employee churn rate to better prepare HR Leaders.

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2. Standardizing onboarding process for employees working remotely

With remote work becoming the new norm, it's crucial to have a standardized onboarding process that bridges the physical gap. Gamified learning offers a cohesive and engaging experience for remote hires, ensuring they feel connected and empowered from day one.

3. Boost employee engagement with captivating experiences.

“Gamification is an ancient art. The most ancient example of that is chess, where people were taught maneuvers of wars without taking them to the field”

Traditional onboarding methods often fall short in capturing employees' attention and fostering genuine engagement. Gamification injects fun and excitement into the learning process, driving higher levels of participation and retention.

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How are HR Leaders at brands activating it?

Case Study: Zydus Wellness

Zydus Wellness is onboarding its employees with gamified environments. Infact, their experience was built with constant feedback from the teams and new hires - evaluating their experience, and building what excited them.

Here's how Zydus Wellness gamified their onboarding:

  • Interactive mascot: Zylo, the company mascot, guides new hires through the brand presence and product range in an engaging, interactive environment.
  • Gamified modules: Each learning module is transformed into a game, where employees collect coins for completing tasks.
  • Leaderboards and perks: Friendly competition is fostered through leaderboards, motivating employees to learn and achieve. HR leaders can track performance and offer perks for reaching targets.

The results:

Increased engagement: Employees reported feeling more engaged and motivated with the interactive learning experience.

Improved knowledge retention: The gamification elements helped employees retain information more effectively.

Zydus Wellness is just one example of how gamified learning can revolutionize onboarding. Consider incorporating these elements into your HR strategy to boost employee engagement, retention, and overall success.

Watch our last interview with Mr. Saurabh Sharma , Head, Corporate HR, L & OD, Zydus Wellness to learn about their experience with gamified solutions


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Rrahul Sethi
March 31, 2024
5 min read