How can brands create successful marketing campaigns in The Metaverse

Rrahul Sethi
January 25, 2024
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Hey folks,

Welcome to this week's edition of Metaverse911™ Weekly Dose where we unravel how Metaverse events have become all the rage and are all set to be a global phenomenon for marketers.

Brands like Hyundai, McDonald's, Amul, Spotify, Nike, Gucci & more have deployed successful marketing strategies to engage consumers in The Metaverse to create captivating and immersive worlds to engage their audiences.

In our recent LinkedIn LIVE, “Revealing Marketing Strategies behind Successful Brands in The Metaverse 🚀”, we discussed how brands have been stepping into the Metaverse to get the most out of virtual events, how to build a successful strategy to market your brand & build loyal communities in The Metaverse.

In case you missed the LinkedIn LIVE, check out the link right here:

I want to thank my very supportive community for allowing me to host these incredible events. Your enthusiasm and curiosity to learn more truly drives me to create such content.

What strategies have brands adopted to leverage The Metaverse for Marketing?

Spotify Island

Spotify has entered the Metaverse and has completely blown away its fans with their thrilling offers. Participants can connect with fellow music enthusiasts, meet artists and create their own music at the virtual beat-maker stations powered by Soundtrap. They hid musical Easter Eggs across the island, leaving the users guessing and hunting them down. People can collect points and “top the charts” to be the best artists and creators amongst other music fanatics.  Click to know more:


Hyundai has successfully engaged consumers through the metaverse. The brand has targeted tech-savvy young consumers, allowing them to explore virtual realms beyond the physical world. Attendees could freely navigate five virtual zones, experiencing Hyundai’s products, playing games, and completing various tasks.Participants could virtually drive Hyundai Motor’s vehicles, operate robotics, purpose-built vehicles (PBV), and urban air mobility (UAM) transportation devices. Users could create avatars, upgrade personal parking garages, and engage in various social activities for a diverse metaverse experience. Through an open beta service, users could provide feedback to enhance the quality of virtual experiences, ensuring customer satisfaction upon the official launch. Click to know:


Nike has taken the metaverse experience to the next level by introducing a magnum opus strategy for peak consumer engagement. From bringing Lebron James into the virtual world to getting over 7 Million people aboard and introducing delightful games, Nike left no stone unturned to please its audience. You can not just buy the items from Nikeland but also dress your virtual avatars with your own customizable clothing which makes the whole experience much more whimsical.


McDonald’s Hong Kong launched McNuggets Metaverse and have set a wonderful example of how consumer engagement is done the right way. This experience takes users to a virtual store with a hidden factory and a tour through the history of the chicken snack, allowing gamers to play and complete quests to win rewards, such as The Sandbox utility token, which is used to purchase virtual goods and customize avatars on the platform.As players complete quests and achieve milestones, they have the opportunity to earn both real-world and blockchain-based rewards. Hong Kong users can also win 365-day free Chicken McNuggets coupons for redemption at the chain's restaurants. Click to know:

What’s next? Super-hit ideas to execute in The Metaverse that have never been implemented before:

1. Influencers in The Metaverse

You ever wonder why Comicon or Youtube Fan Fests are so successful?

It’s because of the influencers and the experience they create for their fanbase. This traditional meetup can be taken to the next level through Mayaaverse. People love interacting with their favourite influencers and celebrities.

Hosting a metaverse meet and greet for influencers and fans will instantly connect the audience with your brand and since the fan base is already there, people will attend the event within a heartbeat as they do not want to miss the chance to meet their beloved influencer one-on-one. This will further help users identify your brand, form a deeper, emotional connection, and over time, help build-up a community!

2. Humanoid Avatars for engagement

Brands can use the humanoid avatar to tell their story in an interactive and engaging manner in the hyper-realistic event metaverse space that creates a truly immersive atmosphere that mimics real-world environments.Being powered by a human, the avatar can showcase features, answer queries, and generate excitement around new products.Brands can use the humanoid avatar to host virtual product launches, creating an immersive and interactive experience for participants.  This level of detail enhances the overall ambiance, will make participants feel as if they are physically present in a carefully curated event space.

And there are more....But let's connect & discuss them together! DM me Rrahul Sethi {rrahul.eth} and let's customise use-cases for your brand.

What's the way forward?

The Metaverse experiences of Spotify, Hyundai, McDonald's are built on Roblox, Sandbox...Sure, these platforms are great for engaging teenagers/children 12-18 years of age. But the question is…

What if Metaverse spaces could be ‘not so cartoonish’ but rather hyper-realistic ones that can teleport you to a hypnotic and enchanting event venue?

How do you engage mature consumers? Our consumers are craving something more authentic, more immersive. For that, you will need larger-than-life experiences that MUST leave a lasting impression.

Mayaaverse is the answer to all of these questions!

Click to checkout 'Mayaaverse' - A hyper-realistic metaverse experience:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, whenever I look at MAI Labs Metaverse spaces, I always pause to look carefully at how the team managed to create these details…Truly, a hyper-realistic Metaverse It’s an absolute game-changer for marketers!

What does it offer?

  • Virtual billboards, immersive brand installations and sponsored areas within the metaverse space that provide visibility and engagement, similar to physical event sponsorships. This allows users to interact and potentially experience a brand's products or message in a more immersive and engaging way than traditional advertising.
  • Event organizers get to be creative and customize their own hyper-realistic Metaverse space to align with their theme, industry, or specific event goals. With its intricate and bewitching graphics and interactive elements, Mayaaverse spaces simulate a reality so mesmerizing, it’s hard to look away. You can fulfill all your  brand requirements and criterias in order to tweak your space to tailor your industry.
  • Brands can use the Humanoid Avatar to tell their story in an interactive and engaging manner within the naturalistic event space that creates a truly immersive atmosphere that mimics real-world environments. These Virtual Avatars will not have an AI Voice but a Human Voice -Over artist who can interact on a personalized communication model.

This is INSANE! How can I do it for my brand?

You can also curate such subversive and fascinating worlds to tell your own brand story with MAI Labs' exquisite Mayaaverse to boost consumer engagement. Cheers to MAI Labs who have put together Mayaaverse- the literal embodiment of beauty and wonder. If you look closely into their space, you won’t be able to find any flaw here because THERE IS NONE! The MAI team has done such a detail-oriented and splendid job of bringing their vision to life that it’s hard to find even one nook into this masterpiece.

If you are looking to host events that encourage traction and consumer engagement, you should one hundred percent check out Mayaaverse by MAI Labs!

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Metaverse events will soon be taking over brand marketing and consumer engagement big time. Are you also interested into the latent potential of Metaverse?

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Rrahul Sethi
January 25, 2024
5 min read