Metaverse in Medicine: How Plexus is Transforming Healthcare in India

Rrahul Sethi
January 25, 2024
5 min read
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Hey folks,

Welcome to this week’s edition of Metaverse911™ Weekly Dose. I am proud to announce the biggest project of 2024 “Plexus Metaverse Experience Center” with Dr. Amit Raj, who is pioneering digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

In my #LinkedInLIVE this morning, we shared our ‘Vision 2024’ and dived deep into how the initiatives taken by Plexus Med Care will transform the Indian healthcare ecosystem.

Before we proceed, I would like to thank our incredibly generous audience who never fails to support us. Your support has been the driving force behind our motivation to be better everyday.

In case you missed the event here is the link for you:

This is a great opportunity to know how XR will lead the journey ahead in the Medical and Health Sector to provide mind-blowing solutions and incredible innovations and how Vision 2024 ties it all together!

Calling all XR companies working on Medical VR content for collaborations of this project, be a part of this enthralling event.

Now, onto the real question…

Why a Metaverse Experience Center in a hospital?

The Plexus Metaverse Experience Centre offers a groundbreaking solution to the common challenges of patient care & medical training.

By leveraging virtual reality, we plan to elevate patient care with VR-based therapy, guided meditation, and stress-relief programs post-surgery for mental health & well-being.

This innovative approach not only enhances the overall patient experience but also contributes to better healthcare training to medical practitioners ultimately improving healthcare outcomes.

Plexus Metaverse Experience Center redefines medical treatment, ensuring a more empathetic and supportive healthcare environment.

Let’s discuss some of the use-cases of Metaverse & Immersive Tech in Healthcare that we plan to implement at Plexus:

Remote Expert Consultation:

This innovative solution embodies efficiency, convenience, and timely medical support. AR glasses combine the power of wearable technology and augmented reality to overlay digital information and virtual objects onto the real-world environment. This allows doctors to collaborate & share a common visual space, enabling real-time interactions, and guidance, as if they were physically present in the same location.

In terms of remote collaboration, AR glasses enable medical experts to provide  Live Surgical Assistance and conduct critical diagnosis of patients under severe medical conditions.

Medical Training:

The use of real-life simulations in medical training will unlock a world of knowledge for medical students. Students gain access to comprehensive VR-based modules to learn in an immersive environment, allowing them to absorb crucial skills and insights.

The incorporation of IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) amplifies the learning experience, providing trainees with a hands-on understanding of medical scenarios. Plexus is at the forefront of medical education, fostering the development of skilled healthcare professionals through immersive and technology-driven training programs.

Patient Care

Virtual Reality (VR) transforms patient care and therapy by offering pain distraction, engaging physical therapy exercises, aiding mental health interventions, enhancing surgical training, facilitating patient education, supporting cognitive rehabilitation, and easing critical procedures.

Dr. James Clarkson, a VR pioneer since 2006, emphasizes VR's effectiveness in anxiety reduction. This innovative approach showcases VR's evolving role in enhancing patient experiences and redefining pain management in surgical settings.

Plexus Medcare's commitment to advancing #healthtech is evident through their Digital Rural Health Programme. By leveraging IoT and AI, they have extended healthcare services to remote areas, breaking down geographical barriers.

The Clinical Validation Centers showcase Plexus's dedication to ensuring the efficacy of medical technologies. By validating and integrating cutting-edge solutions, Plexus contributes significantly to the evolution of medical technology, enhancing the quality and reach of healthcare services. The result is a harmonious blend of technology and healthcare, making a positive impact on patient outcomes.

Has this been implemented before?

Dr. Ryan Austin, a Canadian plastic surgeon, pioneers virtual reality (VR) use in minor surgeries, providing patients with a drug-free alternative to manage anxiety and pain. With the VR headset, patients experience a disconnect from their surroundings during local anesthesia procedures, reducing anxiety by 30%. Despite varied study results, Dr. Austin sees potential in minimizing waitlists and patient discomfort, offering an alternative to expensive sedation.

Howard Physical Therapy in Western New York pioneers virtual reality (VR) in physical therapy, achieving remarkable success. Patients, including those with orthopedic and neurological issues, experience unprecedented progress and engagement in VR-based exercises. The immersive system distracts patients from pain, offering beach and forest scenes or interactive games. VR transforms mundane exercises, increasing compliance and patient enthusiasm. Even Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients, often hesitant to move, benefit from this innovative approach, creating a fun and effective rehabilitation experience.

Dr. David Axelrod, a pediatric cardiologist at Stanford, collaborates with David Sarno, founder of Lighthouse, Inc., to revolutionize medical education using the Stanford Virtual Heart. This groundbreaking 3D visualization technology allows unprecedented exploration inside a living, beating heart, aiding understanding of congenital heart defects. The interactive system provides immersive experiences for medical training, offering the potential to save lives by allowing repeated practice of surgeries. With nearly 1 in 100 babies born with congenital heart defects, this innovative approach transforms complex medical concepts into accessible and impactful learning experiences.

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Rrahul Sethi
January 25, 2024
5 min read