India Med Expo 2024

May 17-19, 2024
India Expo Center & Mart, Greater Noida - Delhi NCR
The Mini Metaverse Experience Center (MiniMEC) proudly participated in the India Med Expo 2024, the largest medical exhibition in India. We are thrilled to share the highlights and success stories from this incredible event where we showcased our cutting-edge XR solutions for Pharma and Medical professionals.

Event Highlight

With over 10+ diverse medical and pharma solutions, MiniMEC demonstrated the transformative potential of XR in the healthcare industry. Attendees experienced first-hand how these technologies are set to revolutionize the sector.

About our Booth

The Mini Metaverse Experience Center (MiniMEC) showcased at the India Med Expo 2024 was a cutting-edge exhibition booth dedicated to demonstrating the transformative potential of XR (Extended Reality) solutions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. The booth was designed to be an immersive experience, featuring live demonstrations, interactive displays, and expert consultations.

Assisted Reality Solutions for Collaborative Surgeries

Powered by Realwear

We demonstrated how paramedics can use AR glasses to access vital information and instructions hands-free during emergencies, enhancing their efficiency and response time.

Virtual Reality Solutions for Medical Training and Visualization


  • Medical Machine Onboarding: Showcased how VR can simplify the onboarding process for complex medical machinery.
  • Molecule to Medicine Visualization: Attendees visualized the molecular structure of compounds and their interactions within the body, aiding researchers in understanding drug mechanisms and efficacy.
  • Patient Case/Medical Staff Training: VR provided immersive training scenarios for medical staff, enhancing their skills and preparedness.

Mixed Reality Solutions with Hololens


  • Surgical Planning and Precision: Demonstrated how HoloLens can project 3D holograms of anatomical structures onto patients, aiding surgeons in planning and performing complex surgeries with greater accuracy.
  • Medical Education: Students interacted with 3D models of human anatomy and simulated patient scenarios, deepening their understanding of spatial relationships and procedural techniques.

Why MiniMEC Stood Out

  • Innovative XR Solutions: Our booth showcased the latest XR technologies tailored for the medical and pharma sectors.
  • Hands-On Demonstrations: Attendees experienced our solutions in action and saw their potential to transform healthcare.
  • Networking with Industry Leaders: The expo provided a platform for connecting with experts and peers from the healthcare industry.

Feedback and Insights

The overwhelming response from visitors highlighted the growing interest and potential for XR technologies in healthcare. Many attendees expressed their enthusiasm for integrating these solutions into their practices and institutions to improve efficiency, training, and patient outcomes.