Mint Digital Innovation Summit 2024

24 May, 2024
At the Mint Innovation Summit 2024, the focus was on exploring cutting-edge XR (Extended Reality) solutions. This event brought together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to discuss the future of XR and its applications across various sectors. Here’s a detailed look at what transpired and the solutions showcased.

Event Highlight

The Mint Innovation Summit 2024 was a significant event for the XR community, highlighting the transformative potential of XR technologies. From virtual events in the Metaverse to assisted reality solutions for frontline workers, the summit showcased a range of innovations that are set to shape the future of various industries.

About our Booth

Metaverse for Virtual Events and Engagement:

  • Over 75 industry leaders attended the HT Mint Digital Innovation Summit in the Metaverse.
  • The event featured a livestreaming experience set in the Milky Way galaxy, providing a unique and immersive backdrop.
  • Attendees interacted with AI-driven avatars to understand more about the Metaverse and network with other participants in a virtual environment.

Assisted Reality Solutions for Frontline Workers:

  • Demonstrations of AR Glasses, such as Realwear, showcased how these devices enable workers to access information and instructions hands-free.
  • The glasses allow frontline workers to view real-time data, including manuals, checklists, and diagrams, directly in their field of vision, enhancing efficiency and safety by reducing the need for physical documents.

AI Integration in The Metaverse:

  • AI was highlighted for its role in creating lifelike avatars that exhibit human-like behaviors, emotions, gestures, and reactions.
  • These AI avatars enable users to interact and obtain information 24/7, providing a continuous and interactive user experience in the Metaverse.

Metaverse Experience Center:

  • The Metaverse Experience Center (MEC) has been pivotal in demonstrating XR solutions to industry leaders.
  • Over the past two months, the MEC has hosted over 150 leaders from various sectors, including pharmaceuticals, L&D, automotive, FMCG, and more.
  • Upcoming events at the MEC include Manufacturing XR Day, Pharma Day, and Education Day, which aim to further showcase the potential of XR technologies in these fields.

XR Technology Showcase:

  • At the summit, various XR technologies were on display, including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Assisted Reality.
  • Attendees had the opportunity to experience firsthand the latest advancements in these technologies and understand their practical applications.

Industry-Specific Solutions:

  • The summit provided a platform for discussing industry-specific XR solutions, focusing on how these technologies can be integrated into different sectors to improve processes, enhance training, and provide innovative customer experiences.