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Rrahul Sethi has been invited to speak at numerous prestigious events, sharing his profound knowledge and shaping the conversation around the metaverse and Web 3.
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HT Mint virtual event done with Extraordinary experience.

The HT Mint's Digital Innovation Summit and Awards set a new standard for the future of Metaverse conferences, merging the physical and digital worlds in an unprecedented way.






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Why Metaverse Event?

Rrahul Sethi regularly receives invitations from independent media for interviews, online meetups, online discussions, and more. Here are some of his notable media appearances:

Unparalleled Immersive Experience

Virtual world like no other, where your audience can engage and interact like never before

Instant Global Audience

Break geographical barriers and connect with attendees from all corners of the world instantly

Industry-Specific Event Customization

Tailor the virtual environment to suit your industry and event theme perfectly

Exceptional Analytics

Gain valuable insights into attendee behavior and event performance, enabling data-driven decision-making

Exceptional Networking

Facilitate meaningful interactions and networking opportunities that transcend physical limitations


Save on travel, venue, and logistical expenses, making it a budget-friendly and time-friendly option for Joiners

Companies Embracing Metaverse Events

Numerous forward-thinking companies have already embraced the transformative power of our Metaverse events, unlocking new levels of engagement and innovation.

Host your event in metaverse

Our cutting-edge event hosting service offers an immersive 3D virtual environment, fostering social interactions, and networking that goes beyond what traditional platforms can deliver. Experience a fully customizable and unique user journey tailored to your event's needs.

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Discover how your event can thrive in the Metaverse through a one-on-one consultation. We will discuss your specific requirements and explore our extensive template library or create a custom space to meet your vision.

Get Your Customized Space Within 7 Days

Our dedicated team will craft a bespoke Metaverse space for your event, ensuring it's ready to use within just 7 days.

Host a Successful Metaverse Event

With your tailor-made Metaverse space in hand, our M911 team will provide comprehensive support throughout your event, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

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