Metaverse Beyond the Hype: Architecting New Business Opportunities for Enterprises and Individuals

The face of commerce is changing with the onset of 5G. We have seen this amply in the past – 2G spawned phone commerce (IVR based), 3G – web commerce, 4G- app commerce. 5G will usher us into an era of meta-commerce. Meta-commerce is more immersive, resonates well with digital natives and leverages Web3 technologies and blockchain. On one hand, we are already hearing about growing rates of cart abandonments in current ecommerce avenues. On the other, early reports suggests that 70% of customers who have shopped in metaverse have bought something. The metaverse is here to stay and generate incremental business value for enterprises and individuals alike. As service providers, we have a critical role in leading the adoption of metaverse among global brands spread across diverse geographies by generating business ROI at affordable price points

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