Alseda VR Bank: Virtual Banking Revolution

Alseda VR Bank: comprehensive virtual banking for convenience and accessibility


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The Alseda VR Bank is a project designed to unify the banking system into a single, comprehensive platform. Offering every feature necessary for convenient use—from personal assistants to credit history and banking transactions—Alseda VR Bank caters to bank owners, their employees, and clients. The target audience includes CEOs, students, employees, and clients.

Initiated by Alseda Consulting in partnership with Inlusion Netforms, the project aims to create a virtual bank perfectly suited for viewing products, credit histories, and transactions. It encompasses all the features of a traditional bank and is remotely accessible to clients worldwide. The simulator serves multiple purposes. It demonstrates the potential of virtual reality in the banking industry and can be used remotely by clients needing financial consulting or other banking services. Alseda VR Bank is a versatile tool that adds significant value to any banking system.


The development process began with a clear vision. The 3D team focused on creating a balanced and classy environment, choosing realism for the user and consultant avatars. A multiplayer mode was added, allowing a virtual assistant to guide groups through the virtual bank or consult individuals about their financial status.

The platform's features were designed for ease of use and accessibility. Collaboration with Alseda Consulting resulted in a banking system that accurately represents clients' credit histories, transactions, and purchases. A demo version includes a mini yacht to showcase the visualization capabilities of virtual reality. The platform is customizable, allowing any product a client requests to be added. By integrating these features, Alseda VR Bank offers a sophisticated and user-friendly virtual banking experience, demonstrating the future potential of banking technology.

Rrahul Sethi
May 29, 2024
5 min read