AR Boosts Kroger's Shopper Engagement

INDE's AR enhances Kroger's shopper engagement, driving social sharing


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INDE's AR and Mixed Reality technologies provide a distinctive experiential and brand activation platform. By featuring original brand characters like Kroger's Krojis, they elevate shopper engagement to the next level. This approach encourages social sharing, as users eagerly open custom-branded HeroMirror emails multiple times to view and share their branded AR images and videos. Consequently, there has been a notable increase in foot traffic in the HeroMirror interaction areas within stores.

Kroger's emotionally resonant Holiday commercial, "The Magical Cookbook," captured the hearts of customers and advertisers alike. Seeking to translate this success into modern in-store customer engagement, INDE, a leading Augmented Reality specialist, implemented the experience across various Kroger and Fred Meyer stores in Portland, Columbus, and Atlanta. The HeroMirror, with its AR capabilities, emerged as the ideal solution. INDE's AR studio devised a series of experiences enabling holiday shoppers to interact with their beloved Krojis in-store and subsequently share these moments on social media.

Utilizing the original Kroji characters crafted by César Pelizer and Hornet, INDE's AR content team meticulously developed a custom Augmented Reality mirror experience that delivers the most captivating 3D animated in-store brand experience possible. Post-interaction with the Krojis, users promptly receive their branded photos and videos, which they enthusiastically share on social media. Each HeroMirror AR photo booth is designed to intuitively engage customers, obviating the need for staff intervention with each user. INDE's comprehensive solution included the HeroMirror AR Kiosk (Hardware / AR Software), AR Content Production / Integration (Kroger / Fred Meyer Branded), Branded Image / Video Sharing Service, as well as Shipping, Installation, Support & Warranty.

Rrahul Sethi
May 30, 2024
5 min read