AR Jaguar Car Showroom

AR Jaguar app: View, customize, and explore luxury vehicles in AR


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The AR Jaguar Car Showroom is an innovative augmented reality (AR) app available for iOS and Android platforms, designed to replicate the experience of exploring a luxury vehicle in real-life without needing to visit a physical showroom. This app offers users a lifelike representation of a Jaguar car, allowing them to interact with and examine the vehicle from different angles, including entering inside and viewing specific parts.

The app was developed by creating a detailed 3D model of the Jaguar car, which was then integrated into the Unreal Engine for development and configuration. Mobile-friendly features and a user-friendly menu were added to enhance the overall experience. AR capabilities were implemented using ARkit and ARcore, enabling users to place the virtual car in any real-world location and explore it in augmented reality.

One of the key features of the app is its customization options, which allow users to change the car's color and rims, as well as view detailed car specifications by selecting the 'switch separating' option. This level of detail and customization provides users with a comprehensive view of the car and helps them determine if it meets their preferences and requirements.

Overall, the AR Jaguar Car Showroom app offers a unique and immersive way for potential car buyers to explore and experience a luxury vehicle, all from the convenience of their smartphone. It eliminates the need for physical presence in a showroom, making the car-buying process more accessible and convenient.

Rrahul Sethi
May 23, 2024
5 min read