Artiplanto Boosts Sales with AR and 3D Technology

Artiplanto boosts sales and engagement with AR and 3D technology


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Founded in 2019, Artiplanto has rapidly become a leading artificial plant and decor company globally. The integration of augmented reality (AR) and 3D technology into their eCommerce platform has yielded impressive results, such as increased sales and longer customer engagement.

Artiplanto's use of AR and 3D spans the entire customer journey, from initial attraction to conversion and ongoing loyalty. These technologies are particularly beneficial for Artiplanto’s large and bulky products, helping customers better grasp their size, scale, and shipping needs, thus enhancing their shopping experience.

In the first month of implementing LEVAR’s AR and 3D technology, Artiplanto saw a $60,000 boost in sales from products featuring these technologies on their product pages. Additionally, 33% of visitors who interacted with AR products made a purchase within three months. As Artiplanto continues to expand their range of AR-enabled products, they expect even greater returns on their AR investment.

The LEVAR Marketing API has improved browsing, reduced checkout abandonment, and enhanced retargeting efforts. Artiplanto chose LEVAR for their hyper-realistic 3D art and comprehensive multi-channel delivery platform. This partnership has allowed Artiplanto to provide customers with high-resolution 3D and AR product models through various channels, including product pages, blogs, emails, SMS, and social media. This seamless integration has proven to be highly effective, benefiting both Artiplanto and its customers.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read