Augmented Reality Boosts Beverage Display Sales

Beverage manufacturer used AR to boost display sales, increased revenue

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A major beverage manufacturer aimed to boost the sale of point of interest (POI) displays in their large format stores to meet their annual sales target. They set a goal of selling one extra POI display per store. However, persuading store managers, who had already purchased one display, to buy another without prior success was challenging.

To address this, the manufacturer partnered with InContext to explore the use of 3D visualizations. They discovered that InContext's augmented reality app, ShopperMX GO, could help them achieve their goal. ShopperMX GO allows users to overlay digital content onto real-world environments, providing a realistic view of how additional displays would fit and enhance the store layout. This approach eliminated the need to wait for physical displays or schedule multiple meetings.

By using ShopperMX GO, sales associates were able to reduce the time it took to sell additional displays and increase store manager confidence in adding more POI displays. This resulted in an incremental revenue increase of $2,600 per additional display across 50 large format stores, totaling approximately $130,000.

Rrahul Sethi
May 21, 2024
5 min read