BAE Systems Enhances Aircraft Design with Virtalis VR

BAE Systems uses Virtalis VR for collaborative aircraft design reviews


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Key takeaways

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BAE Systems utilizes Virtalis' immersive virtual reality solutions to visualize models at various stages of design, fabrication, and assembly. Rob Forrest, Visualisation Team Lead, highlights the benefits of their VR suite, which accommodates up to twelve people and allows stakeholders to view complex information in 3D and 4K interactively. This capability is crucial for handling huge datasets, such as those for aircraft or submarine components, which can contain millions of parts. The Visionary Render-based VR system is extensively used in BAE Systems' manufacturing operations to plan future factory products and in aircraft design reviews to identify and address issues.

The company has adopted Visionary Render as a standard for virtual reality across its business units, enabling close collaboration through shared data, hardware, and visualization processes. This platform provides quick loading times even for large datasets, allowing rapid problem-solving compared to other tools. Rob also presented BAE Systems' use cases at a Virtalis-hosted VR Inspiration Day, where various organizations learned about using VR technology for digital transformation in manufacturing and engineering. Visionary Render facilitates cross-disciplinary collaboration, breaking down professional barriers and enabling company-wide cooperation.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read