Blockchain-Powered Hackspace Capital App Manages HAC Tokens

Hackspace Capital's app manages HAC tokens securely on Ethereum blockchain


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Blockchain has revolutionized digital payments, and in 2017, Hackspace Capital ventured into this space by launching its own ICO. To facilitate communication and transactions among HAC members, Hackspace Capital tasked us with developing a cryptocurrency wallet on the Ethereum blockchain to manage HAC tokens.

The Hackspace Capital Mobile Application is an iOS native app designed for managing HAC tokens securely and conveniently. It offers features such as balance and transaction history, exchange rates of HAC and ETH relative to BTC and USD, a QR code for receiving transactions, and the ability to send tokens manually or via QR scanning.

The app's architecture is built on the Ethereum blockchain, involving the generation of a 12-word mnemonic, private key, and address. For quick access, a four-digit code is used. Key technologies utilized in the development include Swift, RxSwift, Realm, and Blockchain.

During registration, a mnemonic code is generated using BIP39, which is more user-friendly than raw binary or hexadecimal representations of a wallet seed. BIP32 is used to create Ethereum accounts, including private and public keys and addresses. The main screen displays balance, transaction history, and exchange rates, with the Etherscan API providing Ethereum balance and transaction list data. Ethplorer API is used to obtain information about the main account balance and tokens, while the HitBTC API provides exchange rates of HAC and ETH relative to BTC and USD.

For transaction acceptance, a QR code is generated to share the receive address with senders, allowing ETH to be received in the Ethereum wallet. Transactions are created and sent using web3.js, which communicates with a local node via RPC calls. To avoid running a local node, the Infura service is used, providing cloud-based Ethereum clients. This comprehensive solution ensures secure and efficient management of HAC tokens, enhancing the user experience for HAC members.

Rrahul Sethi
May 30, 2024
5 min read