BMW Aerodynamics 3D Projection at Air Canada Lounges

BMW showcases aerodynamics with 3D projection at Air Canada lounges


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Experience the captivating fusion of automotive innovation and artistic technology with BMW Aerodynamics 3D Projection. As the official automotive sponsor of the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in major Canadian airports, BMW offers a unique showcase that promises to leave a lasting impression on affluent travelers.

In this unparalleled creative challenge, Derooted set out to craft a spectacular 3D Projection highlighting BMW’s aerodynamic brilliance. The chosen vehicle served as the canvas for this extraordinary project, capturing the essence of motion and design in a mesmerizing display.

The result is a breathtaking visual journey designed to captivate and intrigue even the busiest of travelers. This innovative initiative allows BMW to connect with discerning individuals in the Maple Leaf Lounge, establishing a strong foundation for future engagement and lead generation. By providing an exclusive experience that aligns with the lounge's prestige, Derooted aims to create a lasting impact beyond traditional marketing approaches.

Through the seamless integration of automotive prowess and cutting-edge technology, BMW invites you to witness the BMW Aerodynamics 3D Projection—an unparalleled display that transcends boundaries and redefines visual storytelling.

Travelers captivated by these large art prints were directed to an auction micro-site. This site not only facilitated bidding but also offered background information about the collection. To further incentivize participation, the site emphasized that 100% of the proceeds would be donated to Air Canada’s Charitable Foundation. Following three successful rounds of globally sourced photography auctions, BMW decided to elevate the experience by curating an exclusive Canadian collection. Partnering with Javier Lovera and the CONTACT photography festival, BMW issued a creative challenge: capture the M series in a unique style within five hours.

Rrahul Sethi
June 3, 2024
5 min read