Budweiser's Tomorrowland AR Campaign

Budweiser's AR campaign boosted brand exposure, engaging millions on social media


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The AR activation campaign for Budweiser's labels and T-shirts was designed to enhance brand exposure on social media ahead of the Tomorrowland festival. The primary objective was to engage users by allowing them to activate the label with their cameras, take a photo or video, and share it on social media to win two tickets to the festival.

Budweiser, a major sponsor of Tomorrowland, wanted to leverage the festival's popularity to increase brand visibility on social media. The company aimed to create a memorable experience for festival attendees and to showcase its advanced technology capabilities.

To meet Budweiser's needs, an AR app was developed that featured 3D models and sounds related to the 2019 Tomorrowland theme. Users could activate these AR displays by focusing the Bud App's camera on the labels, creating an interactive and engaging experience.

The social media contest encouraged users to share their AR experiences, generating a significant amount of user-generated content. This content, including videos, stories, and Instagram posts, featured Budweiser's branding and exclusive 2019 Tomorrowland content, increasing the brand's fame and engagement on social media platforms.

Before the launch of the AR app, extensive testing was conducted to ensure its functionality and performance. Despite challenges in creating an engaging AR experience that reflected the Tomorrowland theme, the campaign was a success. Budweiser's social media fan base grew, and the brand became known as a trendsetter in adopting AR technology for marketing purposes.

Overall, the campaign was highly successful, generating over 450,000 engagements on social media in Ukraine within the first week. Budweiser's innovative use of AR helped it stand out as a sponsor of Tomorrowland and increased its brand awareness among festival attendees and social media users.

Rrahul Sethi
May 27, 2024
5 min read