Clarks' Shoe Craft 3D Projection

Derooted creates immersive experience merging craftsmanship with modern technology


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Derooted created an immersive experience inspired by Clarks Shoes' Hygienic range, launched in 1883. This range introduced shoes and boots made around a bespoke wooden last, revolutionizing footwear design, construction, and comfort. Drawing from this heritage, Derooted crafted a fusion of the shoemaker's craft and innovation—a sculpted wooden shoe.

While traditional craftsmanship often evokes images of the past, Derooted recognizes Clarks as a brand that seamlessly blends modern design, technique, and technology with century-old practices. The latest manifestation of this fusion is the Trigenic Flex shoe, symbolizing the harmonious coexistence of old-world craftsmanship and advanced technology.

To showcase this blend of tradition and innovation, Derooted embarked on a unique project to merge craftsmanship with technology. Collaborating with visual artist and sculpturist Shaz Nasiri, known for his skill in transforming matter with aesthetic principles, Derooted created a stunning sculpted wooden shoe. This shoe, floating on an acrylic pedestal, served as the canvas for a mesmerizing 3D projection of Clarks' branded content, showcasing the evolution of the brand's shoemaking craft.

This collaboration exemplified Derooted's ability to push the boundaries of reality through 3D projection, while honoring Clarks' commitment to craftsmanship, both old and new. The result was a truly immersive experience that celebrated the brand's heritage and its innovative approach to design and technology.

Rrahul Sethi
June 3, 2024
5 min read