Derooted's Tech-Infused Adidas Immersive Experience

Derooted creates immersive Adidas event with unforgettable Instagrammable moments


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Key takeaways

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Derooted was tasked with creating an original Adidas Immersive Experience to celebrate the new Nite Jogger brand activation, ensuring a variety of unforgettable Instagrammable moments at the classic Adidas Party. Guests encountered engaging experiences at every turn, appealing to their five senses and offering perfect Instagram opportunities.

In collaboration with BigHQ, Derooted executed the interactive elements of the Immersive Experience. They used lighting design to captivate guests and immerse them in the environment. Derooted created a prospective tape mural and a light painting installation, both designed to provide unique and Instagram-worthy moments.

The DJ booth was another highlight, being 3D mapped and 3D projected with live VJ content, event imagery, and branded content. Derooted's team of digital editors managed the social media activation, further enhancing the guests' experience and ensuring a memorable night.

DJ Creeasian, known for his finger-drumming skills and as a member of Tribe Called Red, was the musical stylist for the event. His expertise in building up beats elevated the party to new heights, mesmerizing attendees and adding to the immersive atmosphere. Creeasian's presence at the event was a testament to Derooted's commitment to delivering an exceptional experience, blending music and artistry seamlessly.

Derooted's collaboration with BigHQ and DJ Creeasian resulted in a truly immersive and unforgettable event, showcasing the brand's commitment to creativity and innovation.

Rrahul Sethi
June 3, 2024
5 min read