Explore Villavicencio with AR

CamOn and Villavicencio offer immersive AR exploration of water's origin


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CamOn teamed up with Villavicencio mineral water to create an immersive experience, allowing consumers to explore the source of the water—the Villavicencio Natural Reserve in Mendoza. The initiative aims to showcase the pristine natural environment where the water originates, highlighting its journey to achieve its unique mineral quality and purity.

To promote this initiative, CamOn XR developed an augmented reality portal accessible via a link or by scanning a QR code on the bottles. By projecting the portal, users can walk toward it and virtually enter the Villavicencio Nature Reserve, where they will encounter the brand’s iconic locations.

As users navigate these spaces, they can explore the landscapes and engage in interactive activities to learn about the origin of Villavicencio water and its historical significance to the brand.

Rrahul Sethi
June 3, 2024
5 min read