FC Dallas' Dynamic AR Fan Experiences

FC Dallas and Groove Jones create immersive AR experiences for fans


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Last year, FC Dallas partnered with Groove Jones to create an immersive AR experience for fans at the season kick-off. The AR mural, activated by scanning a QR code, aimed to enhance the matchday experience.

FC Dallas AR Mural

This year, FC Dallas renewed its collaboration with Groove Jones, expanding the AR mural to Dallas Love Field Airport in addition to Toyota Stadium. At Love Field, the mural is located on the second floor, where travelers can scan a QR code to launch the AR experience. The airport and parking garage are also decorated with FC Dallas imagery leading to the mural.

Web AR

At Toyota Stadium, the mural is installed at the North end for fans to enjoy during matches. When activated, players like Maarten Paes, Jesus Ferreira, and Paul Arriola appear with dynamic sound effects and perform signature moves, creating an exciting atmosphere. Fans can capture photos or videos with the players and easily share them on social media or with friends. Additionally, fans can access the team's schedule within the AR experience.

The AR effect uses image recognition on large murals, bringing the players into the physical space and engaging fans in a unique and interactive way.

Rrahul Sethi
May 15, 2024
5 min read