Gazprom Neft's VR Training Solution

VR training by Varwin for Gazprom Neft enhances hazardous task learning

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Gazprom Neft, a major oil and gas producer, partnered with Varwin to develop a VR training solution for its employees working in hazardous environments. The training focused on the complex process of treating oil sludge, a task that poses environmental and health risks. Varwin created a detailed simulation covering equipment checks, valve replacement, and sludge disposal.

The VR simulation includes speech recognition for analyzing trainee responses and motion analysis to assess task execution. Varwin's developers conducted interviews with employees and risk managers to ensure accuracy in simulating the process. The simulation also features an evaluation system that rates mistakes based on severity and potential domino effects.

One of the main objectives was to automate the evaluation process and provide tailored training for each employee. The system allows talent managers to monitor individual performance and customize future training sessions accordingly.


Gazprom Neft required a flexible solution to accommodate changes in equipment and operations. Varwin's XRMS platform, designed for dynamic simulation environments, allows Gazprom Neft to update the VR training solution without external development assistance. This flexibility ensures that the training remains relevant and effective as operations evolve. Overall, the VR training solution developed by Varwin for Gazprom Neft enhances employee training by providing a realistic and interactive learning experience for handling complex tasks in hazardous environments.

Rrahul Sethi
May 28, 2024
5 min read