Grishaverse AR Experience

WebAR brings Grishaverse map to life with animations and stories


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Macmillan, the publisher of the Shadow and Bone books adapted by Netflix, commissioned an AR experience ahead of Comic-Con to educate people about the Grishaverse, the world of the Grisha from the books and TV series. They aimed to enable fans to visualize a map of the Grishaverse, maintaining the look and feel of the novels by using the existing map as inspiration. The experience was to be created in WebAR for maximum shareability, accessible through a mobile browser, allowing users to record videos and take photos to share on social media. Though initially intended for Comic-Con, the experience was designed for future events and for fans to use at home.

The approach involved creating a WebAR experience that animated the mystery and story of the Grishaverse world on its map. Users could scan a QR code with their mobile phones to activate the AR experience, which brought the printed map to life with animations. By focusing their camera on different regions of the map, users could see animated landmarks and tap to activate voiceover and text. This allowed them to explore hidden stories from the universe, such as the history of the Grishaverse, the identity of the Grisha, the mysteries within the fold, and the events of the Ravkan Civil War. The experience featured voiceover narration and beautifully stylized graphics and text, creating a unique experience for Grishaverse fans.

Rrahul Sethi
May 22, 2024
5 min read